Speak Well and Advance Your Career

The most versatile and commonly played instrument around us is the human voice! It is probably the only one that can articulate deep human passions and feelings like confessing your love to someone or it can even start a war. As a species dependant on clear cut communications we often find ourselves talking but without being heard.

But why is it so difficult to make change in the world with the spoken word, being that we are the only ones on Earth having the power of a high-functioning language? Let us learn from the best speakers of human history.

Several people on a frigid January morning in San Francisco back in 2007, waited in long lines and even camped for the entire night outside the entrance of the Moscone Center. Soon putting their anticipation to peace the lines opened and after thorough security checks upon seating in an auditorium entered a soft-spoken man wearing his patent turtleneck t-shirt and a pair of denims. What happened next is written in the pages of history, as Steve Jobs of Apple Inc. unveiled their landmark device, the iPhone.

Most people who have attended product launches and speeches made by this extraordinary man have said that he was able to transform a typically dry, apparently boring, technical and plodding slideshow of gadgetry into a theatrical event. His speeches and presentations included the perfect storyline of a hero, a villain, supporting casts and amazing backdrops. Most people who have witnessed him speak in public have described the experience as an extraordinary experience.

Most speakers usually only focus on crafting a speech that is populated with big words, positive clichés of idioms placed out of context and sometimes forced wit. But the secret to being a captivating speaker lies not in the content of your speech only but also in your ability to connect with the audience.

Here is how you can be a captivating speaker and win a whole room full of audience:

Avoid defaming your contemporaries:

Speaking about other people behind their backs is a common habit seen in people, but doing it on stage can have serious implications towards your brand or business idea. Most people have difficulty in trusting such individuals as it is evident that the person speaking about someone else behind their backs will also do the same about us. Thus, often most people turn a blind eye (or rather ear) to whatever such people have to say, even if what they have to say is truly important. So, avoid slandering others in your speeches and presentations at all costs to connect better to your audience. Bad mouthing others will disengage your audience and will have a negative impact in your speech.

Do not start with a PowerPoint, but with paper:

It is best to always have a story to tell when speaking to a crowd. Start by outlining this story on paper, then make efforts to gradually weave in meaning to that story with supporting data, examples and other supporting points (perhaps latest research findings) and include seamlessly into your story-telling outline.

The most captivating communicators always carefully plan and painstakingly design a storyboard, then script and rehearse their presentations almost like an Oscar-aspiring movie Director would prepare his film for the big premiere. Never try to wing it with cobbled up slides that your team used at some point of time further peppering it with a few stock photos.

Follow the 3 acts approach to tell your story:

Usually the most successful presentations follow some sort of modification of the following, 3 Acts format:

  • Introduce yourself (who am I)
  • What do I do or what my organization does
  • What sets apart my product/idea/company/services from the others
  • Why should you support my idea/ buy my product/ invest in me now

This is a narrative commonly used in modern storytelling more than the usual boardroom banter. The act has three major parts – setup, confrontation and resolution, and includes characters, villains and heroes to be rendered complete.

The main objective of the three acts approach from the audience’s point of view can be outlined as follows:

  • Why should I care about your idea
  • How will your product/idea help me or make my life better
  • What are the actions I need to take

Finally, when making a speech think of the idea in this way for a better sense of direction – if only data were sufficient to change the world, then people would have given up smoking, there would be no wars, and the environmental problems would disappear. But since, none of these have been actualized, it is clear that the human mind works on more than just simple logic alone. So, make use of emotions in your speeches and let your presentations go further beyond the basic facts to create a stronger and everlasting impact.

Top 10 Paved Bike Trails in Florida

A trek along an ancient stone path weaving through towering mountains to reach a once-lost city – the Inca Trail is the stuff travel legends are made of.

While Machu Picchu is one of the world’s most spectacular sights and an icon on every adventurer’s bucket list, the classic hike that leads you there is just as travel goal-worthy.

The Inca Trail is a 43km (26 mile) trek through the Peruvian Andes where you’ll hike for five to seven hours each day at high altitude over challenging terrain.

The trail winds its way through a sacred valley, past a raging river, massive mountains, lush jungle and fascinating ruins before Machu Picchu finally reveals itself through the fabled Sun Gate.

Trekking the Inca Trail is one of the most life-changing experiences you’ll ever have. While it’s no walk in the park, the trek is certainly doable even for inexperienced hikers. Here are some tips on how to conquer it.

1. Book early

Many travelers turn up to Peru each year thinking they can hike the trail whenever they want. Nope, they can’t. The Peruvian government has put strict limits on the number of people permitted on the Inca Trail (only 500 permits are issued per day), and the trek is booked out months in advance. It’s recommended to book your tour at least six months in advance during high season (May to October) and three months during low season (November to April). The classic 4-day trail costs from 600USD upwards.

2. Get a bird’s eye view of Machu Picchu

There are two treks you can take within the Machu Picchu sanctuary to get superb views from above – Huayna Picchu and Machu Picchu Mountain. Both are tough, steep treks of around three hours and need to be booked before you go. Huayna Picchu, which allows 400 trekkers per day, is hugely popular and is usually sold out months in advance.

3. Pack for four seasons

During the trail you might experience everything from freezing temperatures to steamy days to relentless rain, so pack for all seasons. Layers will be your best friend – take singlets or t-shirts, a fleece jumper and a jacket. A pair or two of hiking pants which zip off to shorts is also a good idea. Bring wet weather gear including a rain coat, a poncho to cover your entire body and bag, a beanie, gloves, extra pairs of socks, a hat and flip flops for getting around camp at night.

Don’t forget plastic bags to put dirty clothes in, a basic first aid kit, insect repellent, wet wipes (this is how you will ‘shower’ every night), toilet paper, a towel, earplugs, lip balm, sunblock and a headlamp. You must bring your passport with you – it will be inspected at checkpoints along the Inca Trail and at the entrance to Machu Picchu.

Your tour will provide you with a bag where you can place up to 7kg of personal items (including your sleeping bag) for a porter to carry. Don’t over pack – anything over that limit you will need to carry yourself.

4. Carry only essentials in your daypack

Your porter won’t be hiking near you with your gear, so it’s important to have everything you need in your daypack. Fill it with essentials such as your passport, camera, water bottle, jacket, rain gear, hat, lip balm, sunblock, sunglasses and toilet paper. Resist the temptation to pack the kitchen sink. If your bag is heavy, you will seriously regret it.

5. Bring the right shoes

Whether you prefer hiking boots with ankle support or a pair of running shoes, both are fine for the trek, just make sure your footwear is comfortable and broken in. The last thing you want to deal with is sore feet and blisters. Also ensure your shoes have good grip and are preferably waterproof.

6. Stock up on snacks

Don’t worry, you will be fed extraordinarily well (think pancakes for breakfast, rice and meat for lunch and snacks like hot chocolate and cookies). But it’s a good idea to bring some extra sustenance like chocolate and energy bars. Also, if your guide or a porter offers you some cocoa leaves to chew on, give it a try. Although not the most pleasant tasting thing, they’ll give you an energy boost as well as alleviate any altitude sickness you may be feeling.

12 Reasons Why Butter Is Better

Nut-based butters are nutritious, regardless of the type you eat. In an almond butter peanut butter comparison, it turns out that the latter has a slight advantage, in terms of protein content and vitamin B. However, almond butter has more vitamin E for your skin. A tablespoon of either almond butter or peanut butter contains 95 calories, 3 grams of carbohydrate, 1.5 grams of fibre, and 8 grams of fat. Even better, the fats in both are mostly unsaturated, so they do not raise your cholesterol level. Monounsaturated contents are equally good in them as well.

The amount of Vitamin E in almond butter is more than twice as much as found in its peanut counterpart. Therefore, when used for skin treatment and applied directly to skin, almond butter offers better and more benefits. It is also better in the magnesium and calcium department.

As mentioned earlier, peanut butter has more protein. In a single serving, it has about 0.4 grams more vegetable protein then almond does. For comparison, a large egg contains about 6 grams of protein. More vitamin B is found in peanut butter.

It is just a simplified almond butter peanut butter comparison, and therefore difficult to determine which one is actually healthier than another. In general, both are good sources of nutrients. It all depends on individual needs, and you will have to read the label in each product carefully to avoid unnecessary additives.

Regardless of which one you like or consume the most, they come in light versions, which usually contain less fat but more of other hyped ingredients. Furthermore, please avoid additives such as artificial sweetener and preservatives. Even when the product is organic, chances are you find that the list of ingredients contains more than just nuts.

Almond butter has another advantage: it is easier to purchase all-natural almond butter. Most places sell the product without additional yet useless additives. When it comes to peanuts, however, you have to be more selective. In the United States, at least, they are one of the most overgrown and over-processed nuts. They are difficult to grow, and farmers often use pesticides on them. If the product is not organic, you may want to stay away from them.

Betsy’s Best butters are all natural, NON-GMO, and GLUTEN-FREE. It is a safe and easy place where you can shop for nut-based butters for your every need and recipe. Check out our website to find delicious recipes made with almond butter and peanut butter.

Base Tendriling Travel Expenses

Let’s talk about travelling with children… you know the kind that kick the back of your seat on the train, scream the entire way on the plane and interrupt your sunset view with their crying and snotting. Sounds amazing right?

To be completely honest, for me one of the main reasons that the concept of having my own children seemed so inconceivable for so long, was because it didn’t really reconcile with my love of travel. All I really had to go on was the back-of-the-seat-kicking, the screaming and the flailing. I can actually remember having conversations with my business partner Elissa (who became a parent before me) about what it was like to travel with children and she assured me travelling with kids ADDED to the experience rather than detracted from it. I must admit part of me thought this may have been a bit of an exaggeration or that perhaps she was overcompensating with positivity because really it was the worst thing in the world but since she was already stuck with said children, she had better just pretend it was great because there was no going back now! Really I imagined she must be gouging out her eyeballs on long haul flights and pining for the days of solitude and bliss.

But then, eventually, I joined the world of parenthood myself. Of course travel was on the agenda early on and we took our eight-month-old on a six week trip to Europe – travelling through Italy, France and parts of Spain. And we all absolutely loved it! Of course it was different to travelling just the two of us. But it was brilliant. And I finally understood what Elissa meant when she said having children on the adventure actually added to the experience. We found that travelling with our baby was a magnet for engaging with local people. We had more conversations, more recommendations and discovered more hidden gems than perhaps we ever had before. All because people wanted to talk to Samuel.

And it was remarkable to see the world through Samuel’s eyes as he experienced not only foreign lands and cultures for the first time, but also the wonder of first time experiences of absolutely everything – from interaction with locals who stopped to greet him with a “Ciao bello,” everywhere we went in Italy, to the breathtaking magic of a new vista, another uninterrupted view, the crystal clear waters of a stream, the vivid green of a tree, the undulating hills dotted with castles, the scent of fresh garlic and herbs cooking in an Italian trattoria or the pungent cheeses to be sample at a French market. How amazing is the world!

Critics might say that you’re crazy to take your kids travelling before they are old enough to remember it. But for us, having an extended period of time off exploring together, especially with a young baby, was the perfect way to begin this new season in our lives. This particular journey will always hold a special place in our hearts and memories as it solidified our new life as a “family” and gave us time and space to enjoy each other and establish ourselves in this new phase of life in the best way we know how – by travelling!

And in the meantime – be kind to your fellow travellers! Whether you are travelling alone, with your partner or friends or with your brood of children, remember everyone is in a different phase of life and has different priorities and experiences. A smile, a friendly conversation and a dose of respect will always be the right attitude no matter what situation you find yourselves in.

How To Choose The Best Suitcase For Your Luggage

A lot of preparation and planning goes into the process of moving into a new home. All these preparations are important to make sure that all your possessions will also go with you to your new home. This means that none of your key possessions will be left behind and they are ready for unpacking and use once you arrive at your destination.

Packing your belongings is part of preparing for a move. One of the particular items that you own which you should make sure you pack properly is your clothes. Although you may say that it is more important that all your clothes arrive in your new home before or at the same time that you do, still, you would do well to pack all your wardrobes properly so that they don’t get damaged and you can wear them immediately after the move.

Below are some useful tips you can follow for packing your clothes for your move:

Find out if you can leave your clothes inside the drawers of your bedroom cabinets.

If you find the task of emptying your dresser prior to your move too much work, check with the movers if you can simply leave your clothes inside them. The movers may have no problem with this, especially if the cabinet wouldn’t be too heavy, even if your clothes are in them. However, make sure that these drawers can be locked and you have the keys to open them once they have been delivered to your new home.

Use the right storage unit.

Regular boxes will work if you pack smart. This entails folding and labeling the contents of your closet or clothes in a systematic fashion so that many of them can fit in each box. By packing properly, you get to avoid wrinkling your clothes too much as well. In addition, you can use some sort of tissue or packing paper to keep your clothes in the box clean and fresh.

Specialty wardrobe boxes with built-in racks can also be used to transport hanging clothes. If you want your clothes to arrive at your destination wrinkle-free, consider investing in and using them for the move.

Use your luggage.

Lastly, if you have some large-sized luggage and you’ll be bringing them with you when you move, fill them with your clothes. Your luggage will be perfect for moving your delicate or pricey clothing items. Using your luggage will also enable you to easily identify where your clothes are on the moving truck.


Elements of a Corporate Travel Program

Once you start travelling, you will realize the change in your life. Every experience in life teaches a new thing. Through travelling you explore; new cultures, new people, new experiences and it provides a great opportunity to discover ourselves, you learn many things through travelling and it definitely plays an important role in changing your life and the way we think. So here are 6 ways how travel will change your life.

Travel changes your perspective:

Your way of viewing your own life experiences will change by seeing the way other people live. You will not only be more appreciative for the life you have, but you will also have a new sense of wonder and understanding for other cultures and countries. You will realize that things are different everywhere in the world, you will assess your own values and this will broad your perspective.

Live in the moment:

Travel teaches you to live in the moment, whether you are seeing the pyramids of Egypt or exploring the beautiful canals of Amsterdam, it teaches you to take in the moment of awe and make the most of it. Travelling makes you stop and live in that moment, teaches us to unplug and explore new parts of ourselves.

Become more social:

When you are travelling, you have to step out of your comfort zone; you meet new people, see new cultures and face many things. So eventually you become very good at making friends out of new acquaintances. You will become more confident meeting unknowns and you will bring this with you.


Travelling is a process of increasing self-knowledge and self-confidence where you are a participant and a researcher of your inner process of growth. When you are travelling, you learn so much from your experiences, you do so much that you feel more confident in your ability to achieve your dreams. You will be home with a new, fresh attitude and ready for the new challenges.

You will become more employable:

Through travelling you can learn those skills that can’t be taught in a classroom. You have travelled the world, you have the best experiences of your life, and you have communicated with different types of people and have experienced the different situations that can actually make you more employable.

More open to different ways of life:

No country lives the same way, they have different cultures and different beliefs, but when you travel to different destinations around the world, you will see that how same we all really are. No matter how different the way they live, how different the society is, there is that inherent goodness in most people.


Ride Share – Best Alternative For Daily Commute

Conventional taxis have for the longest time been the most convenient mode of commuting from place to place when you do not have the time to wait for the bus or train. Ride-sharing apps like Lyft have revolutionized how commuters reach their destinations. The apps are designed to match driver services with potential passengers. The apps have become very popular across the globe because of the convenience they offer. There are so many advantages of these apps which is probably why they have become this popular.

1. Unlike the conventional taxis, the ridesharing apps do not have a limitation when it comes to hot spots. You can use the services wherever you are at whatever time as long as there are willing drivers and internet connection. You can get to enjoy a ride even in areas where it would be difficult to find a taxi for your convenience.

2. The apps offer the freedom to choose the driver you feel is most suitable. When you input your details on the apps, you get a list of all available drivers near you. You then decide the car you wish to ride in making you a little more comfortable.

3. Some of the apps also give you the ability to track progress of the ride as you wait. This is a feature that has eliminated situations where you wait endlessly not knowing exactly where the driver is.

4. The ridesharing apps make very reliable alternatives to taxis as far as the rates are concerned. There are taxi drivers that either refuse to meter or they end up overcharging and this has been a common complaint among customers. Such issues and those to do with meter tampering have been eliminated by rideshares. Apart from relatively affordable charges for the rides, you can actually use estimators to calculate the best ride prices available so you get a ride that you can afford even before you book your ride.

5. They apps are a great source of income for side drivers. If you want an extra income, you can avail yourself as a driver in your preferred locality using the apps. For your convenience, you can actually choose to offer rides along the routes that you will be using when running your errands so you make money and get your tasks for the day completed conveniently.

6. They make it possible for you to cut on travel costs through sharing rides with other commuters along your route. This is probably one of the best features of the ridesharing apps. By sacrificing your ride comfort and sharing with a few other passengers along your route, you get to share the charges making the rides very cheap.

Ridesharing app services are meeting very stiff resistance from conventional taxi services, but with more drivers now joining in, commuter convenience is bound to get even better. More ridesharing app companies are also being established every other day, hence the rates are expected to go even lower.


The Reasons Why Family Is Important In Life

Urge for getting everything for your newborn is a natural thing that happens to every first time parents. Without any doubt strollers will be surely on your shopping list but, are you sure that you need one of them. Without any doubt it’s a yes. It will surely make you comfortable with your baby as it is mainly used to carrying your baby from a place to another, it’s best substitute to carrying your newborn in your arms. By keeping the convenience and comfort of parents in mind many manufacturers offer strollers in different styles and designs, this thing gives you the opportunity to choose the one according to your need and desire.

An array of strollers available for your infant

  1. Standard strollers: With a comfortable padded seat this is the most common purchased stroller. Some of them come with beautifully designed sunshades and strong storage areas below the seat. You can get these strollers in every price range; it all depends on the features included to it.
  2. Car-seat strollers: Lightweight is the best feature of these strollers and these are specially designed to be attached with infant car seats. It means your baby is fully secured when it is in this type of stroller. These are beneficial when you are travelling on you vehicle with your baby. You can easily fold these and keep them in the trunk of your car; it will easily fit into the trunk as it doesn’t take so much space.
  3. Jogging strollers: In a wide range of strollers for babies these are the most larger, heavier, and expensive. You can use them with the growing age of your child. With 3 bicycle wheels these are used by parents as they offer ultimate safety to your kid.
  4. Umbrella strollers: These are the most lightweight strollers that also fold up compactly. These don’t come with much padding but, as a beneficial point these are less expensive than other strollers. These are least common as they come without head support.

As you know there is a pretty wide array of strollers available online for your kid, so you can choose the one that serves your needs. Find a reliable store to shop for your kids and apart from keeping your need in mind, you must go for the one that comes under your chosen price range. And yes, don’t forget to check the safety measures before finalizing the stroller.

Antiques Are Valuable Pieces of Art and History

Our antique brass jail cut message holder is a stunning reminder of a more genteel era and an easy way to add a dash of pure elegance to your home. Individually crafted by skilled artisans, it holds the timeless allure of brass while offering intricately sculpted details that make even everyday correspondence feel special.

Before mobile phones, computers were born; writing letters were one of the most basic forms of communication. In the earlier days, people were using animals for sending mails and send message. Most used were pigeons; “pigeon post”. They had an excellent sense of direction and can easily find their way. After composing the message in little scraps of paper they tied and attached to the bird’s leg. In early days, to send some message or important information to people over long distances would take sometimes months together. In such case, protections of the letters were the utmost priority.

This antique Jali cut Brass Message Holder solved the above purpose. What we have here is an old-fashioned yet admiring Jali Cut Brass Message Holder which was used to protect the important messages. Crafted from Brass material, this rich look Holder which will take you in the world of Mughals. Mughal court etiquettes, manners and ceremonies were the delight of the entire world. Our product contains the same richness and royalty.

This 12.5*2*1.5 inch golden colour message holder is amazingly crafted. The fact that it is 100 to 150 years old but still hold the grace and uniqueness. It just goes to show the quality of workmanship back then.

During early times, King used to appoint certain people who would walk or ride horses across whole provinces with written messages packed in such beautiful holders. Apart from its beauty, the fact which was equally important was its toughness and security. It has to be really rough and tough as the delivery of message might take months. This super combination of bold and beauty is only seen in such antiques.

So bring this one of the oldest human invention Brass antique to your home and create an ambience of Mughals at your living space. Preserve the personality of the past while designing your interior of your home. This vintage message holder when artfully mixed in with other antiques will infuse your living room in an exceptional way. This Jali cut Brass Message holder can offer a striking way to fill a blank wall. You can add a Mughal reflection to your home by hanging it on the wall. You can also give a personal touch to it by putting some memorable letter given by your loved ones in it. Through this you can create a personal display at your home by carving out a corner for this. With a little creativity and open-mindedness, showcase this one- of- kind antique at your homes and create something truly special.

4 Best Tips For Dinner Party Planning

Whether you are planning a dinner party at your home or just want to change your old dinnerware with a new one, choosing the perfect cutlery is no piece of cake. Firstly, you would want your guests, family, and friends to be impressed by the dinnerware in which they are served the food, but you would also want that the plates and quarter plates are not too fragile and delicate. Keeping this in mind, we provide you the points to keep in mind when you are looking for dinnerware.

  • Choose your Type:If you are hosting a formal dinner party, then it’s better to go for formal dinner sets. However, if you are only planning a social gathering of friends at your home, then go for some casual cutlery set to impress your friends. Make sure that you don’t end up buying formal dinner sets for a casual dinner party as it can’t be used for everyday use. On the other hand, you can always use casual dinnerware on a daily basis if you want.
  • Use of Dinner Sets: Are you going to host a party with a long list of guests or just close friends? This question is very important as it helps you decide what kind of material your cutlery setshould be made of. If your dinner party is just for a few friends, then it’s better to go for materials like china or ceramic. Though they are fragile in nature, they can turn out to be the impressive part of your party as they are available in a plethora of designs. However, if you are inviting a huge number of guests for your party, then go for materials like stainless steel as it will avoid any kind of disaster at your party.
  • Material to Choose: When it comes to dinnerware, you will find a lot of materials to choose from, such as porcelain, stoneware, cream ware, majolica and ironstone. If you are opting for a casual cutlery set, then you can always go for materials like stoneware, cream ware, delft, faience, or majolica, as these materials are best for daily use and can be used in a dishwasher and microwave as well. Formal dinnerware is mostly made up of porcelain or bone china and cannot be used in a dishwasher or microwave.
  • Designs: No matter what kind of dinnerware you are opting for, formal or casual, you will always look for some good designs that make it look beautiful. Don’t opt for loud colours if you are buying casual dinnerware and choose something neutral. Formal dinnerware should have elegant designs that coordinate with your home décor as well.

With Address Home by your side, you will never have to worry about buying the right dinner set. We provide a huge range of designer formal and casual dinnerware that will be perfect for your dinner party. So, just log on to Address Home and buy the best dinnerware online.